Site Surveys Service In UK

Site Surveys Service In UK

Site surveys are basically the inspections of an area where work is proposed to gather information for an estimate or design to complete the elementary tasks that required. Site surveys are elaborate studies that will be carried out by our experts to help out and make out the site information provided by the client. It can ordain an appropriate location, access, and exits, the best orientation for the site as well as for the location of the obstacle.

We provide site surveys by our team of specialists, they will assess what surveys are required (generally after initial feasibility studies have been carried out) and request approval from the client to commission those surveys or carry them out themselves.

They will start with a light walkover survey, and then focusing on specific issues like taking specific measurements of the site and picture for CAD drawings for progress to more detailed surveys.

In detail, for example, our site surveyor team will visit you for an inspection of your proposed work area to gather information for design and estimate to fulfill the initial tasks that required for outward activities completed by the consultants’ team.

After that, obviously before any drawing, a site survey is done by MLP’s site survey team who will inspect the proposed location to record, calculate the measurement and dimension of the space to make a sketch according to requirements. In summation, walk-through videos and images are also be taken for the purpose of the CAD drawing.

The type of site survey and picked practices required depend on the nature of the project. And Site survey might include:

  • Site surveys can be included Existing buildings( including costing, structural survey, measured surveys, structural inquiries, conditions and surveys and so on)
  • Geological and geotechnical.
  • Topographical surveys, perhaps including laser scanning, Lidar or photogrammetry.
  • Ecological survey
  • Pollution
  • Local weather
  • Flood Hazard
  • Air syndrome
  • Acoustic survey
  • Photographic
  • Historic use
  • Boundary surveys
  • Structural surveys (including retained structures, underground structures, and obstructions)
  • Railway and tunnel search
  • Telecommunications
  • Wireless networks and satellite reception
  • Electrical infrastructure and capacity
  • Gas network infrastructure and capacity
  • Existing water supply infrastructure and capacity
  • Soil survey etc.

Wherever possible, any information prepared or obtained should be in a format that can be readily shared and used and should be stored and named in a way consistent with the long-term project and operational needs.

We are going to provide you the best site service by our expert engineers and planning consultants at a very reasonable price. It will cost for the site Survey It starts from £125 but it also depends upon the distance from our office.

Our office @3Bamard Grove, Stratford Olympic Village, London, England, E15 if you need a site survey please contact our professional team. Or you can visit 4BD or contact us over phone 02081337254/ +447804944083 or

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