Lease Plan Getting To Know Your

Lease Plan Getting To Know Your

Getting To Know Your Lease Plan:

Knowledge is your right, we at lease plan UK think that you should understand the key things to know about your lease plan/title plan and other property related services.

Let us clarify some technical terms related to property services like lease plan, Title plan, Land Registry compliant Lease Plans and Cad drawings, etc.

# What is a lease plan?

A Lease Plan is an appropriately scaled metric drawing illustrating the land or part of a building over which the lessee(leaseholder) has exclusive or shared access and a drawing that identifies a leasehold demise within a property. A lease is a contract between the freeholder(landlord) and leaseholder (or lessee that means you) that gives the leaseholder the right to use the flat for a certain period of time.

The lease is governed by a board, appointed as individuals by the Secretary of State for the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government. It also sets out the rights and obligations of each party. The terms of the lease must still be complied with even if the leaseholders own the freehold or have acquired the right to manage.

The next question that comes to your mind is why do you need a lease plan, yes?

Let us tell you why as in order to complete the sale of your property it’s a prerequisite that you need a lease plan if you are selling it with a new 99-year lease or if you are increasing your lease length – for example from 65 years to 99 years – or you’ve extended your flat and the demise has changed.

When buying a leasehold property, it’s imperious that you’re aware of the length of the lease.

Classically, a lease will start at either 90 or 120 years, but they can be as long as 999 years! Though once a lease has less than 80 years remaining, problems can start to arise. This is because the shorter the lease, the less the property is worth, meaning fewer people will want to buy it!

# What is a Land Registry compliant lease plan?

A lease that is new and is lasting seven years or longer must be registered with the Land Registry and have a compliant lease plan.

 # What does Land Registry compliant mean?

Subsequently, from 2002, it has become the law for lease plans to be compliant with rules set out by the Land Registry, largely for reliability determinations. the lease plans with terms of 7 or more years or already allocated leases with at least 7 years outstanding must be registered with Land Registry and to do that a lease plan is obligatory.

For a Lease Plan to be compliant with the requirements of the Land Registry it must include the floor plans in detail at a scale of either 1:100 or 1:200. The location of the plan with a scale of 1:1250. A north point to show the direction on topography and a colored line (usually red for the demise and blue for the common parts) indicating the demise of the subject property.

Now as you are clear about lease plan lets talk about floor plans!

# What are the floor plans?

A floor plan is a drawing that shows a room as seen from a bird’s eye view also known as 2D. Floor plans are designed to present a clear and simple illustration of the layout of a property and its common uses which it achieves perfectly.

They provide a way to visualize how people will move through space.  The 3D floor plan is a virtual model depicted from a bird’s eye view. Other common attributes may be added, these can be flooring, bathroom fixtures, interior finishes, and furniture. It is important that the floor plans are up-to-date, to the scale and with a white background, sufficiently detailed and it is also desirable that a scale bar is indicated on the floor plan.

Floor plans may be drafted to scale, which means reducing the size of a drawing so the whole room can fit a certain scale. It is imperative to measure accurately because if not measured accurately will only result in future problems.

The Floor plans are typically fashioned so they can be shown to the council when you seek planning permission. My lease plan UK, we provide cheap planning permission drawing because when you will seek the planning permission drawing cost you will get it from us. The drawings help show the council what proposed works you intend to do when you are asking for permission as well as what is existing at your property. They can be used to support and help the property sales and for future personal use.

# What do CAD technicians do?

There are several steps that a CAD technician take when creating a floor plan to scale for any space

Firstly, they make a thorough list of the needs and wants of those who will occupy the space like a client.

Then they will make sure they have the correct measurements, so they may want to measure twice. What to measure:

  • Outside walls or footprint of your space, any doorways or entries, and windows.
  • The walls from side to side and from the floor to the ceiling.
  • Where the electrical outlets, switches, and other controls are located.
  • Permanent fixtures: any and all architectural features, including fireplaces, brackets, shelves, benches, and any other built-in features.
  • Surrounding space and outside or overall dimensions of these items, and then locate each on your plan.
  • Objects that will be inside the space.

As measurement and scale are an important part of your Floor plans so they should be drafted to scale, which means reducing the size of your drawing so the entire space can reasonably fit on a piece of paper or screen. A common scale is 1/4 inch = 1 foot.

Then comes the rendering part with all the components in mind, they will organize your floor plan.

For evaluation, they will review the wants and needs list. Evaluate the spatial arrangement including analyzing circulation.  Other factors include usable space, privacy, and accessibility.

For rear extension permitted development, a CAD technician will work according to your choice and requirements. As to the cost of architect plans for loft conversion and house extension architect fee or architect fees for small extension. You can always contact us at My Lease Plan UK.

We will provide you low-cost housing architecture including low-cost house design and floor plans.

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